Welcome to Spiritual Mind Science.

Here you will find the teachings of Rev. Mark L. Stidham.

These teachings were designed to give you the upper hand. To give you access to more money, abundance, peace, love than you ever imagined.

Unfortunately, this world is a place where much negativity exists. However here you will find teachings and methods that will help you rise above the norm, to a higher place both spiritually, abundantly, and relationally.

It’s very hard to live and function in this world sometimes and we understand that completely.

The methods you will learn here are both hard and easy at the same time. Hard in the sense that it’s hard to go against the flow and stay focused on your goals. But also easy once you understand the concepts and put them into practice.

The best solution is to tell yourself constantly that this is easy and you can do it!

Please come on in and make yourself at home. Learn the methods and the steps and soon you will find yourself on the peaks of existence and above the circumstances to a place higher and more abundant than you ever imagined!

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